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arrow How do I know if SEO is right for my business?
arrow How long does it take to see results from Search Engine Optimization?
arrow How long does it take to get 1st page rankings?
arrow What are the most popular Search Engines?
arrow How exactly do you get the rankings?
arrow Will I need to redesign my website?
arrow How do you choose the keywords/ key phrases to target?
arrow What kind of ROI can I expect?
arrow How do I know you are a genuine company?
arrow Why do you charge a monthly maintenance fee?
arrow How will I know that you delivered the results I paid for?
arrow What do you do about competition?
arrow If everyone uses Search Engine Optimization, what can I gain?
arrow Do you have an Associate Agreement Program?
How do I know if SEO works for my business?

Latest research shows that more consumers are turning to the Internet to find products and services. Every business that has undertaken SEO has been able to benefit both in terms of traffic and revenues.
How long does it take to see results from Search Engine Optimization?

If your site has already been on the Web for some time, and is already listed in all of the major directories, then you will probably begin to see improvements in your search engine rankings within 4-6 weeks or less.

A complete revamping of your website using search engine optimization techniques will result in an improvement in your search engine rankings fast. You should expect to see improvements for six to nine months, as the changes to your site are added throughout the databases that drive the major search engines.

Search engine optimization is an exercise in patience. Top ten rankings for highly competitive words cannot be achieved overnight. Remember that you may have many competitors who are also performing search engine optimization.
How long does it take to get 1st page rankings?

For most websites it takes between 45-90 days to achieve 1st page rankings but if the keyword market is very competitive it can take longer.
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What are the most popular Search Engines?

Google is by far the most used search engine. It provides search results not only on it's home page, but powers other search engines' results as well. Google claims to have indexed over 3 billion pages, but in reality, that number is probably too small. More than 300 million searches a day filter through Google's fingertips. Top 10 Search Providers for March 2007, Ranked by Searches (U.S.)
Rank Provider Searches Per Year Growth (Past Year) Market Share
1. Google 3,816,746,000 31.6% 53.7%
2. Yahoo! 1,550,574,000 16.6% 21.8%
3. MSN/Windows 717,056,000 11.4% 10.1%
4. AOL 414,772,000 8.1% 5.8%
5. Ask.com 130,793,000 2.1% 1.8%
6. My Web Search 74,231,000 N/A 1.0%
7. Comcast 33,394,000 N/A 0.5%
8. BellSouth 32,840,000 N/A 0.5%
9. EarthLink 31,489,000 16.6% 0.4%
10. My Way 29,471,000 -82.0% 0.4%
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search, April 2007
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How exactly do you get the rankings?

We first analyze your existing website and ensure that it is spider friendly and optimized for the keywords you are targeting. We then create a linking campaign which results in a large number of quality one-way back links for your site. We also create custom content written around each keyword being targeted and integrate this content into your site. What's more, our team of in-house web designers can make your website SEO friendly by doing of-site optimization as well.
Will I need to redesign my website?

Most of the on-page optimization we perform on your existing website pages is done in the code behind the scenes. Unless your site is mostly flash or comprised of images there is very little redesigning required.
How do you choose the keywords/ key phrases to target?

First we get a list of keywords/key phrases from you that you think would be appropriate for prospects searching for your products and services. We then run those keywords through keyword analysis tools which show which of those keywords/key phrases and their variations are actually being searched within the top search engines.

This analysis reveals approximately how many times per month each keyword gets searched as well as other valuable data. We then generate a new list that contains only the most highly targeted keywords that will most often convert to sales and that are getting enough traffic to make it worth your while to target them.
What kind of ROI can I expect?

There are two major factors that affect the return on any website marketing investment. The first is getting quality traffic to your site. The second factor is how well your website sells those visitors once they land on your pages. In this regard, we do offer a conversion analysis if you find that your visitors are not converting to sales very often. The good news is that search based leads convert to sales 50% more often than any other kind of lead since the prospect is actually looking for what you sell to begin with.

The Internet, unlike any other media vehicle, can be measured to a fraction of a second. You will be able to track an increase in visitor traffic (as we gain best search engine spots), track volume of new leads and sales delivered with that traffic, and ultimately and easily translate this to your return on investment.
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How do I know you are a genuine company?

We understand that trust is a big factor when choosing a SEO provider because one of the most disconcerting parts about working in this industry are all the fly by night operations that pop up and offer prospects unfounded promises. However, we have been in the business of Internet since the last 10 years and have built a solid reputation amongst our clients. This is reason enough to prove that we do what we say. If you require more convincing, you can speak directly to our clients and they will be able to tell you about the results we create.
Why do you charge a monthly maintenance fee?

A successful search marketing campaign is neither framed overnight, nor the result of good fortune, it is carefully engineered, sustained, and managed as a crucial asset.

For a few reasons. First we can't do too much too fast otherwise it will not look like natural growth and the search engines will not give as much credit to our efforts. Since most of the down payment is used to cover the initial optimization, analysis, research and preliminary linking the other portions of the campaign must be completed over the course of 90 days which is what the monthly maintenance covers for that time period. Once we have achieved significant 1st page visibility for your website we will want to protect those rankings. In that case the monthly maintenance fee covers monthly monitoring and reporting of your campaign. If due to a change in the search engine algorithm or increased competition we see your rankings being to drop we can respond immediately with additional linking or content syndication to maintain your positions. Maintenance optimization also keeps your website updated on a regular basis which tells the search engines that your site is "alive" and a source for current relevant information as opposed to a site that has not posted new content for several months or longer.
How will I know that you delivered the results I paid for?

Before we begin your SEO campaign, we run a baseline report showing where your site is ranking for the keywords we are targeting. Once we achieve the rankings we send another report that clearly shows all of the 1st page placements you have for each keyword across the top search engines.

We continue to send a report each month to keep you informed of where you are at. You can easily verify the data on the reports by going to each search engine and typing in the keyword to see where your rankings are by hand.
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What do you do about competition?

There are only ten listings per search page and to get you there we must know exactly where competition stands. We analyze their search positions, search market share, keywords, links, code, affiliations, and so on. This detailed breakdown helps us evaluate competing search marketing methods and estimate resources that will be required to place you company in competitive search engine spots.
If everyone uses Search Engine Optimization, what can I gain?

Only about 40% of web designers actually use a search engine optimization strategy of some sort. Out of that, only 10% use correct optimization techniques. Choosing and implementing the correct keywords instantly jumps you ahead of 94% of the web pages on the Internet.
Do you have an Associate Agreement Program?

Yes, we are currently working on an Associate Agreement Program. You can Contact Us for further details.
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